Why We Focus On Marketing

Why The Emphasis On Marketing?

Nearly every survey of small business owners that asks the question: "What is your biggest need?" the answers, (both free-form and multiple choice), vary to a degree but upon closer scrutiny, most top answers either directly or indirectly relate to increasing the number of sales.

Further, in studies of small business owner's primary skill-sets, most have skills in their industrial vocation (which is usually nothing related to marketing). Think about it, from the accountant, the lawyer, the landscaper, the realtor, the beautician - nearly every vocation requires knowledge, talent and skill related to that business industry. RARELY is marketing a requirement, and for many marketing comes as an after-thought.

We are not saying small business owners know nothing about marketing, but we are saying that times have changed, and we have entered a new era of specialization. How can a small business owner (optometrist, dentist, doctor, masseuse, and chiropractor) maintain their peak vocational expertise AND become master marketers?

Few Business Owners Can MASTER Both.

Competition is getting tougher in your vocation, it's what you know, it's where you're comfortable, and there is nothing wrong with that.

So why don't small business owners just farm out the stuff they can't master (the non-vocational aspects of their business)? Afterall, they hire financial, legal and accounting specialists?

When it comes to marketing, many small business owners still prefer to keep that function in-house, and rightly so! At least lawyers and accountants have to maintain minimum licensing standards, but almost anyone can call themself a "marketer".

Three Reasons Business Owners Don't Outsource Marketing:

We believe there's 3 primary reasons why small businesses do not outsource marketing; Fear, Pride and Lack of Finances. In some cases, in some situations, these reasons may be very valid.

That's why our core business model is to remove fear, reduce financial lack and leverage pride for the success and growth of your small enterprise.

Fast Forward Marketing Braintrusts REMOVES FEAR since we invite only the most talented marketing experts to join our Advisory Team. Prospective advisors provide a curriculum vitae, resume and complete a seven?page application. Prospective advisors must offer at least six verifiable personal and professional references and testimonials. Fast Forward then vets every applicant to create an optimal blend of small business related marketing disciplines.

Fast Forward Marketing Braintrusts LEVERAGE PRIDE as a sign of confidence and willingness to be coached and trained. We offer the supportive educational expertise and the experienced implementation guidance to beat overwhelm and procrastination. Followed with our coaching, mentoring and accountability reinforcements to insure you stay on track to achieve your goals and you are rewarded with the success you deserve.

Fast Forward Marketing Braintrusts REDUCES FINANCIAL LACK since memberships are pay-as-you go, require no long-term contracts and packages are scalable and customizable to suit your business's unique geographical needs. Even the smallest of business can easily afford to get started with a basic entry-level membership.

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